ISO 9001:2000
Stonerich retains ISO 9001:2000 Certification
The 2nd Surveillance Audit on QMS ISO 9001:2000 was done by Eduardo Z. Paredes of AJA Registrar’s, Inc. on June 03 and June 05, 2008 in TI Clark, Pampanga Project and MSC Head Office, respectively.

Stonerich underwent a multi stage audit process to determine the extent of conformance with the requirements of the nominated QMS ISO 9000 Standard.

Day 1: June 03, 2008 at TI Clark, Pampanga Project wherein on-site audit was done to verify the actual site condition, review of service realization, including construction planning, pre-construction and post construction, project management, control of service provision, identification and traceability, control of monitoring and measuring device and checking of competence of construction personnel.

Day II. June 05, 2008 at MSC Head Office. The areas audited were: Top Management/QMR which include management commitment, Planning for Quality Objectives and Quality Management System, Responsibility and Authority including communication and management review, analysis of data related to customer satisfaction and corrective and preventive actions taken if there are any; Human Resource, review of competence evaluation, identification of training needs and maintenance of training records; Maintenance, checking provision of resources like machines and their maintenance, and working environment; Document and Records Control, review and audit of control of documents and records; and review of Internal Audit including planning, performance, reporting, and Corrective and Preventive actions.

The Audit process run smoothly and a NO (0) finding was noted. However, areas for improvement were raised that the company wishes to consider in the area of Warehousing, specifically receiving, storage and issuance; Human Resource procedures for Training, e.g. when to conduct Training Needs Survey & as when to conduct evaluation on the effectiveness of the training conducted, and Performance Evaluation; the Before and After summary report showing the action to be taken after Summary of Performance Evaluation has been accomplished; and lastly, the area of Document Control, which needs to have an overall review of the entire procedure to further improved and strengthen our QMS.

With this, METRO STONERICH CORP. is still recommended for “Continued Certification QMS ISO9001:2000.”

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