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Another year is added: A birthday bash at MSC compound
Surprisingly, two of Metro Stonerich beloved great Leaders celebrate their birthday on the same date of June 2009. These well known MSC leaders , namely Messrs. Ibrahim M. Nuño , popularly addressed as Sir Bong and Eliseo A. Aurellado , popularly known as Sir Ely handsomely accepted the surprised singing of MSC Head -office family.

The celebration actually opened with an acapella of MSC Head -Office personnel, including that of Alumrich. The singing of birthday song was done inside the room of the President, who at that time was taken by surprise because of his busy schedule.
Beaming with smiles, the entire personnel presented the handmade poster to Sir Bong playing golf . The caricature was positioned at the center of the poster, surrounded by MSC personnel’s personal notes , written from the bottom of their hearts.

Same goes for Sir Ely who seemingly was surprised to receive the same poster. His caricature shows a mountaineer, full of life and jest.

The solemn event, though simple, was enjoyed heartily by all. Food was served and munched with gusto by all. It was much fun and joy to see everyone at the table, chatting while eating in the presence of the beloved leaders. Everyone was part of the family. Ayra Pebanco of Purchasing in fact, though resigned, was present as well, bringing “leche flan” as dessert.

Well, that’s MSC family. One for all and all for one!!!!!

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