ISO 9001:2000
It is a policy of the company to adopt a zero accident initiative in the workplace to protect health, lives, properties as well as the global environment.

To eliminate a near miss or an accident, the safety practitioner and every employee is encouraged to spot hazards in their respective work areas. For every scope of work there is a possible hazard. It is the prime responsibility of the Safety Practitioner to eradicate that hazard by providing a Safe Plan of Action.

While the Safety Practitioner provides a doable solution, it is the responsibility of every working individual to cooperate with and abide by the suggested course of action to eradicate accidents.

I have tried to cite some situations wherein there is a possibility of an accident because of hazards.

1.Excavation spotter is right infront of the lifting equipment swing area.
2.Non-wearing of PPE’s, as such, the employee is a potential hazard.
3.Barricades are too close to the edge of the lifting equipment.
4.Slippery, wet or flooded floors.
5.Inadequate lighting facilities.
6.Smoking within the work premises or Smoking while working.
7.Executing hot works without a fire extinguisher.
8.Poor housekeeping.
9.Excessive noise, dust and smoke or any inconveniences.
10.Absence of safety rails, warning signs.
11.Construction area near a high voltage transformer.
12.Presence of toxic gases generated as by products of combustion.
13.Obstructed passageways.
14.Floor and wall openings.
15.Accumulated wastes or debris.
16.Scaffolding with no provision for cross bracing, access ladder and toeboards.
17.Ladders are made from defective materials.
18.Improper handling of tools.
19.No shoring or timbering during excavation.
20.Equipment or vehicle parked near the edge of excavation.
21.Live wires on wet floors.
open safety switches

As we go along with our daily activities, let us learn to spot all hazards and let us all cooperate to achieve Zero Accident in all the project sites of Metro Stonerich Corporation.
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