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COMPETITION: a driving force or a show of superiority?
With the Global crisis worldwide, it is a dog-eat dog world out there! The world of work is a showcase of employees surviving and everyone trying to get ahead of others.

Competition as best described, encompasses acts from animalistic carnage to sophisticated discretion in the quest for the fulfilment of one’s pride and needs.

With that, we understand that it is instinct. When we respond to challenges set before us, it is but human to react. It is the fight of the fittest that progressively changes as man realizes the meaning of coexistence. The “no man is an island” concept creates social dependence with everyone depending on someone, especially at work. The feel or urge to compete is toned down a wee-bit but is still nowhere near elimination.

Metro Stonerich particularly lives with the knowledge that we are interdependent. That knowledge does not derail us in our courage and vigour to compete.

Competition may or may not be a good thing. The same is to be said for competitiveness. The employee who thinks of competition as a way to show his superiority will reach nowhere. The competitor derives joy from the weakness and imperfection of others.
Therefore, he is not only depriving himself of the chance to improve but also his opponent of the good learning experience.

At Metro Stonerich Corporation, competition is basically not encouraged nor discouraged. The company believes in collaboration instead of competition.

Competition may be encouraging to some, for purposes of serving as a driving force towards self-improvement, but never for quest to excel at the expense of another.

Every employee has the choice as motives. Only you can decide what is best.
Are you a competitor?
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