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Life in the Jobsite of Metrostonerich Corporation
It’s morning once again, I go out of the staff house, feeling the morning mist embracing me and gently touching my skin . Cold as it is, the freshness it brings gives me unexplainable happiness. It brings forth a soothing feeling to my soul.

Assigned in the job site of Tagaytay, the mist has been my constant companion every morning. It creates optimism for us to face the challenges of the day .

Today is another busy day for all of us here in Tagaytay. We start the day with the regular tool box meeting with every staff and personnel of Grand Quartier 2. As a practice the meeting starts with a prayer followed by physical exercises.

With everyone on the “go”, all personnel are reminded of “Safety and Operation Practices” before getting deployed to their respective work assignments.

However, while everyone is busy at work, issues requiring immediate attention arise as expected. These issues are immediately solved through proper coordination and innovative /creative ideas .

As afternoon comes to call it another day, we head back to our barracks, feeling this time the afternoon mist to wash away the weariness that swept us during the busy day. We may be tired for the day, but the cool air around brings forth soothing feelings to make us fall to sleep soundly.

Tomorrow… we wake up in the morning, I look forward to a new day. A day full of soothing MIST to touch my skin.
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