ISO 9001:2000
Our journey towards excellence has been a challenge worth our efforts. The adoption of the ISO strategy as framework for change has occupied a substantial amount of our time. But it is for a big reason and that is Quality-quality in our work and craftmaship. No other profession has this quality dimension been more critical than in engineering because the results of our execution are in full view of the public. Quality is what sets us apart from the mediocre. It behooves everyone to have quality in mind if only to achieve our vision of becoming the builder of choice.

We have taken several steps to instill quality in our consciousness. We have embarked on a training program for our people-both front liners and support teams. We have invested in new technology such as the use of new formworks, equipment and softwares. Our policies and procedures have been codified, and our practices follow safety standards and 5-S. There have also been steps to come up with performance standards so that work can be monitored and assessed intelligently. Budgets have been required of operations so that project managers can manage not only their construction schedules but costs and manpower as well.

The quest for quality cannot be achieved overnight. It needs dedication and will power. It requires a change in corporate culture that emphasizes meritocracy and pride in one’s work. It means people in the organization have to become proactive and mindful of meaningful changes.

What defines us tomorrow depends on what we do today. We have to stress quality in everything that we do if we hope to become the leading construction company that we envision ourselves to be.
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