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How does one actualize a vision? How does one redefine the building profession in a way that will create a difference in people’s lives? These were the questions raised in prayer many years back that shaped the MSC that we see now. The humble beginning of Metro Stonerich Corporation began with a prayer, a meaningful vision, meager investment funds and with an enormous zeal to actively see through its fruition. Hard work and more supplications sustained the vision through the years. And today, we can say that we have so many reasons to utter incessant prayers of thanksgiving for the blessings bequeathed upon us through MSC.

I am fortunate to have witnessed both personal and professional strategies creatively executed in the process that made the company what it is now. The inclusion of the combined faith and friendship was the initial approach used to establish the management, administrative and engineering offices. Bong, the visionary leader, anchored his dream and vision to his faith in God’s will and assistance, and to his friends as his most reliable resources, sharing the same vision and faith in carrying out the responsibility of getting the vision through.

Faith is the inspiration behind the company dictum: “ We value your trust “. This motto is an invitation for our business partners and clientele to have faith in our capability to render quality services. But to summon others to trust the company was not a superficial hollow ambitious assertion. It entails the meticulously specialized engagement of technical strategies for our people that were creatively launched and developed through continuing educational exposure via seminars and training programs. These HR interventions are meant to boost skill support and to strengthen work alliances. Thus, creating MSC culture constantly focused to superiority value enhancement.

After years of determined passion to transform the dream to reality, MSC now prides itself for having an extensive list of successful projects of optimal quality service. MSC’s success is documented in the corporate portfolio as affirmation of making a difference in people’s lives consistently. Likewise, how we uphold our pride and confidence in our work ethics reflect a cultural shift towards a higher expectation we impose to ourselves – a challenge considerably worth looking for everyday.

This deeply held passion of the Metro Stonerich people is constantly drawn not only from their minds but also from their good hearts.

As the final paint stroke, let me bring into view another valuable character that makes this company distinctively Metro Stonerich: “It is the healthy balance of the familial spirit and highly professional dynamics in the workplace”. It is therefore no longer a surprise that many successful projects have been born from the MSC workforce and beautiful babies are being born from the Metro Stonerich family.

Indeed, we have so many blessings to offer thanksgiving prayer for!!!
" We Value Your Trust "
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