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Big WAVE hits Stonerich
The Work Attitude and Values Enhancement (WAVE) Training held last February 26-27 (first batch) and March 31 to April 1 (second batch) at the Occupational Safety and Health Centre, Quezon City proved to be a very potent means of inculcating in the minds of the employee participants the importance of knowing how simple actions and values once dedicatedly applied to the work environment can, to a large extent, affect how they perform their jobs better. A live-in training with participants from managers given them the chance to mingle with each other for two days.

The primary focus of the seminar is to make, the attendees understand one another through self-disclosure by verbally expressing/sharing their thoughts, feelings, aspirations, tendencies and even their life experiences so that their colleagues at work would know how to treat them positively and break wrong impressions. Such knowledge will also help them to better support each other since they readily know the strengths and weaknesses of one another.

Included in the topics discussed are workshops regarding the self, the precious birth gifts, the strengths and weaknesses of the Filipino values and ample lot of ice breakers and team-building activities intended to promote camaraderie and breaking the barriers between one another.

Highlights of the event include self-disclosure from our very own President and Managing Director, Ibrahim M. Nuño as well as Eliseo A. Aurellado/EVP-COO, Maximillian G. Quintos/SVP for Operations, Rene C. Fabros/VP Operations and Edwin L. Osias/Area Manager which proved very heart warming and inspiring, a very rare opportunity given to the participants to witness. Upon graduation each employee given the chance to give his action plan and pledge, towards co-workers, the company and respective job stressing the positive changes needed to be applied after attending the seminar.

The training was facilitated by Ed Q. Lomocso, HR-Consultant of MSC.

One more batch is being prepared to complete the 3 series training and expected to prosper this coming May, 2008 to be held for the third time at the Occupational Safety and Health Centre at Quezon City.

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