ISO 9001:2000
The Quest for Quality and Excellence
Stonerich has embarked on a journey towards quality and excellence. One of the strategies towards this end is the adoption of the ISO 9001.2000 standard. This international branding is important not only as a marketing tool but also as a means of defining the way of life of every Stonerich person.

ISO requires a culture that is focused on the customer and on the consistency of processes that will result in a quality product or service. Contrary to the thinking of most, ISO is not merely a matter of keeping records and documenting processes; it requires transformation not only in the minds and hearts of everyone so that a ‘can do’ culture is established that satisfies fully the customer or owner of the construction project.

As in any pioneering campaign, cooperation of everyone is expected and encouraged. The ISO experiment can only be successful if everyone uses its underlying philosophy and methodology to improve his or her individual work.

In the end, it is how we envision our future to be that will characterize our zeal and efforts. It is what we do today that will define us tomorrow
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