ISO 9001:2000
Checklist (an excerpt from
“A simple definition of Safety is: Protecting Yourself, Other People & Equipment from Hazards "

-Always follow all safety rules and regulations -Learn to recognize unsafe conditions and be sure to correct them
-Make Safety your responsibility—don't depend on others
-Handle hazardous materials properly
-Develop good housekeeping habits
-Inspect electrical and hand tools before use
-When its heavy get some help. Don’t be a hurt hero
-Never smoke around flammables
-Read and heed signs and other warnings
-Don’t take chances-check it out first-only fools rush in

-Watch out for pinch points and sharp edges. --Keep your work area neat and clean
-Avoid horseplay-someone always gets hurt. ---Report injuries to our supervisor promptly
-New misses are warnings-the next time could be much worse
-Wear personal protective gear properly and whenever required
-When in doubt-lock it out
-Select the right tool for the job
-Wear your seat belt-the life you save may be yours
-Check the label and read the manufacturer’s instructions before use. Watch out for others on the job
-Follow proper trenching safety guidelines-bench, shore or sheet
-Call for help when there’s an emergency
-Ask questions whenever you’re in doubt.
-Set a good example for others and treat safety as one of your most important job responsibilities.

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