ISO 9001:2000
Message of the President: DEFINING OUR FUTURE TODAY
By: Bong M. Nuño

As we enter another decade in our mission as a builder, we must remember that what we do today defines what we will be tomorrow.

We are thankful that our first ten years as a construction firm have been highlighted by several milestones that we can all be proud of. We have progressed from simple renovations to construction of high-rise buildings, from constructing mere store outlets to erecting malls and commercial buildings, from having local firms as clients to multinationals. Our standards have been constantly upgraded especially with the continuous improvement ethic of our ISO 9000. Our manpower has grown. Equipment and facilities have been augmented tremendously. Our capital base has been shored up with earnings generated from our projects. In short, we are a far cry from our humble beginnings as a small contractor. Now that we are Triple A, we are already competing in the league of the big players. We have God, our people, and our stakeholders to thank for this success.

Yet, as we move forward, we must always look to the values and beliefs that have defined our character and activities in the past. We must remember that this company was born out of a vision to make a difference, not only in the construction industry but also in the lives of those that we work with. We must always stand steadfast to our belief that quality of work can only come from pride in our work, and that as professionals we must always strive to satisfy our clients to the best of our ability using the latest technology. As we are challenged constantly to meet our clients’ expectations, we must ensure that we run a tight ship and that our people are well motivated. This is no easy task. It requires teamwork. It requires us to feel like a closely-knit family. We have to take care of each other.

And so, I ask everyone to renew their pledge as professionals as we seek to carve a new chapter in our lives as builders. Not only must we do the things that worked for us in the past, but we must do better. We must learn to innovate and work creatively. We should constantly retool ourselves so that we meet the challenge of our clients’ growing demands for quality and competitive price. We have to do the things that are needed now so that we can be assured of a place in the future. Our role tomorrow will be defined by our actions today. So let us continue with the task that is entrusted to us for a more robust and powerful Stonerich.

“We have to do the things that are needed now so that we can be assured of a place in the future. Our role tomorrow will be defined by our actions today.”
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